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Last update: 2012-05-05

About this Web Site
This web site is about computer programming and building robots. The page features various projects ranging from games for Nintendo Gameboy/DS and Java libraries to robots and other hardware. The page provides documentation, source codes and wiring diagrams.

Many times when I built a circuit, did some programming or cooked some meal I searched the internet for tips on a certain IC, for some programming hint or a recipe. I always find good ideas, tips, tutorials, example circuits or programs - or great recipes too cook. That way - even though they do not know about it - I received help from many people without them asking for money or anything else in exchange. I'm also using free/open source software in addition to commercial software I bought.

Therefore I have started my website. I hope that my project documentation and source codes may be helpful for others who want to learn and explore the realms of software and hardware. Running such a web site is also a great way to exchange with likeminded people from all over the world.

Take a look, maybe one of my projects might be interesting for you.


The information on this web site and the documents downloadable from here have been carefully reviewed and is believed to be reliable, but I do not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any documents, programs or circuit described herein.
Furthermore I want to declare that I'm not responsible in any way for the content of other web pages, books and other sources I'm refering to.