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Last update: 2013-10-04

List of Projects
ProjectLast UpdateBrief Description
X.C.A.T. 2013-01-10 XML Comparison and Testing (for Java).
Ushabti MM 2013-10-04 An autonomous, mobile robot with infrared, sonar, accelerometer, Kinect and other sensors.
mega8nunchuk 2012-09-07 Uses an ATmega8 to read acceleration data from Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller.
mega8usRanger 2012-09-07 Uses an ATmega8 to read Polaroid ultrasonic sensor taken from an 670AF camera.
mega8irRanger 2012-09-07 Uses an ATmega8 to read Sharp IR distance sensors GP2D02 and GP2D120.
libAvrUtils 2012-09-06 A collection of helper routines including a simple in-target unit testing framework and a TWI (I2C) master framework.
mega8battMon 2012-09-06 Uses an ATmega8 to measure the status of a 12V/24Ah lead acid battery.
rs485libWinAVR 2012-09-25 A RS485 implementation for a master (Windows 7 PC) and slaves (Atmel 8-bit AVRs).
FCA Workbench 2012-05-07 Edit formal contexts and display their concept lattice's line diagrams. Also introduces a programming language that is based on logical and functional paradigms.
PinguDS 2012-04-29 A computer game for Nintendo DS/DSi/DSi Lite/DSi XL/3DS. It is very simple and especially intended for small children. Collect ten snow flakes and view a surprise.

No hectic rush, no violence.

MidasDS 2012-04-29 A computer game for Nintendo DS/DSi/DSi Lite/DSi XL/3DS. Take a bath in the river Pactolus before you touch the princess.

Original idea and program by Wanderlands.


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