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Last update: 2019-08-31

System/64 and System/1541 - Modding a Commodore 64 and 1541 in the Style of a Mainframe Computer


Usually, when I am fixing old computers, I am trying to restore or preserve their original appearance. However, sometimes this is hardly possible. It was quite common at the time to drill holes into the case for reset switches or kernel switches and the like. Also sometimes retrobrighting fails or the case is just to stained and retrobrighting does not really help.

Both cases were very yellowed, had scratches and strokes of color that I could not get rid of. Therefore I decided to mod them. In this cases I wanted the mod to resemble a classic mainframe computer.

The Result

The Starting Point

The case of the Commodore 64 and even more so the case of the Commodore 1541 were quite yellowed and stained. Cleaning did not help.

Many years ago I acquired a box full of C64s and 1541s for a few bugs. They were all dirty and filthy but functioning. Now, after many years in a card board box, let's give them new live.

Mixing Colors

I wanted to dip the computer in a certain blue. Many of the big computers back in the day had such a bluish metal case. However, my first attempt was too bright of a blue. I wanted it to be more on the grayish side. So I started all over again by adding gray to the color and spray painting everything again.

Making the Logos/Labels

I made the labels to resemble a certain company. Can you guess what company I had in mind? I printed it on high gloss photo paper with high resolution. The photo was then glued on self-adhesive paper (for making stickers). I laminated the whole thing with self-adhesive, transparent foil to protect the print.

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